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  • Sarah Kraemer

Path Charted: Costa Rica

Spring Break. Have you booked yet?

Winter has arrived, and already I’m dreaming of a nice warm beach. A hop to the Caribbean used to be a no-brainer, but with the area still in recovery from the recent hurricanes, it is a challenge to understand which islands are truly ready to accept visitors. Ruth and I can help you figure out where to best reserve your spot on the beach. A website may indicate “open for business,” but a travel expert has the inside knowledge about the available level of service. We also encourage you to explore a bit further afield, and one of our favorite destinations is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a nature lovers paradise, with 800 miles of shoreline and vast stretches of rainforests and reserves. With non-stop flights from most hubs, getting to Costa Rica is a snap. The destination serves all budgets, from super luxury to more basic accommodations. It is a wonderful destination for families, as well as a romantic getaway or girls’ only trip. My crew rented a big house right on the beach. Our cousins joined in the fun, so we had a house big enough to comfortably fit 12. The main highways in Costa Rica are well maintained, but we were happy our rental car had 4-wheel drive, so we could access some of the more remote beaches. The surfing is fantastic, and we spent another day fishing and were well rewarded for our effort. Claire and Warren caught beautiful fish, which the local chef prepared for dinner. The golfers were satisfied, as well as the thrill seekers, who sought out Costa Rica’s famous zip-line adventures. We spent a lot of time in the water, snorkeling and paddle boarding. The hospitality of the Costa Ricans is very generous, and when our Spanish failed, they graciously switched the conversation to English. Let us chart your path to this eco-friendly wonderland, whether a high-octane adventure or a mellow family getaway.

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