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  • Sarah Kraemer

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to our family of travel lovers! As Ruth and I put the turkey in the oven (and the details in Axus) we would like to pause and say thank you for the tremendous support you have given our new business. The Charted Path has sent travelers across the globe this year and our hearts are full knowing that you put your trust in us to take care of business. The first request we had a year ago was to plan a father-son trip to the Trukk Lagoon (see if you can find it on a map). This set us on a course sending clients to Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Great Britain, Greece, Fernando de Noronha (another map search), Japan, Morocco, Latvia, Botswana, France, Zambia, Turks and Caicos, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Viet Nam, Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Spain, Galapagos, Italy, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Thailand, Belize, Norway, Brazil, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Peru, Hawaii, Austria, Rwanda, Argentina and just finishing up the details on an expedition to Antarctica in 2020.

We have found joy in discovering new places to share with our customers, and can now claim friends in the travel business across the globe. Thank you to all our adventurers who have sent pictures from the road. The delight shining on your faces as you discover the world alongside loved ones is pure gold. Some of the favorites are you zip lining down at checkout from a cliff hugging hotel in Peru, eating bugs in Siem Reap, buzzing London in vintage mini cars, lunching with Sumo wrestlers in Japan, paddling a mokoro at sunset in Botswana, hiking a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, snorkeling in the Seychelles, and Vespa touring the Amalfi coast.

Thanks to you, our business is expanding. We welcome Louise Whitton York and Michele Epley Bond to the team at The Charted Path. Louise calls Connecticut home, and joins us a a travel advisor. Michele is our new operations manager, making sure all the details of your travel are spot on. Ruth and I send a huge THANK YOU to Steve and to Mark. They are true partners in this adventure, offering sage business advice and running daddy daycare while we focus on our second act.

Here’s hoping your holiday is filled with delicious food and drink, happy reunions with family and friends, and great tales of adventures had across the globe.

Hard at work visiting properties on Lake Como. #lucky

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