• Multi-generational

    Grab your grandmother, grandbaby, kids and assorted family members for a fantastic getaway.  Safaris, dude ranches, cruises and villa rentals are some of our favs for the whole family. 

  • Female focused

    What's more fun than grabbing your girlfriends for an adventure? That kind of trip where you laugh so much your side aches.  We've had a ball organizing women's trips to India, Indochina, Peru, Switzerland, and New Mexico,  These itineraries always include active adventures and a little spa time!

  • Groups

    Whether its a Harvard Business School Reunion to Santa Fe, or pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan with friends from a community, we deliver exciting programs for our travelers.  The Charted Path always incorporates an active component in the trip, and our travelers return with deepened bonds of friendship. 

  • Float my Boat

    How about a yacht charter in Croatia or Greece?  Or for the adventure seekers, a sail to the 7th continent, Antarctica?  We Love sending happy travelers on a river cruise down the Danube or Rhine. If it floats, we've got you covered!

  • Exotic

    It's whom you know.  We have friends on all 7 continents who care for our people.  We love to take our customers out of their comfort zones while knowing they are in the safest of hands. 

  • Active

    Backroads, Butterfield, National Geographic, A &. K. They are all our friends, and we know which itinerary can make your travel dreams come true.  We also can work a little magic when you want to clear a waitlist on a sold-out journey.  

  • Yum

    Food may drive the focus of a trip, or be a side dish to any itinerary. Our guides delight in taking travelers through local markets and cooking classes are a favorite way to learn a countries cuisine.  We keep up to date lists on favorite haunts throughout the globe, so that our travelers can feel more like a local when dining out. 

  • Ahhhhhh

    Wellness focused travel is in high demand. Whether it's the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, a hiking tour of the Dolomites, or a week at one of the great wellness retreats in Arizona, The Charted Path can set you up at the perfect place to renew and relax.  


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