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Sarah Kraemer


Sarah Kraemer loves a good map.   As a child, she and her dad would spend hours with unfurled maps on the dining room table, plotting adventures on the highways across New Mexico and then Texas.  She still begins each journey memorizing the map, and imagining the adventures to come.  As a travel advisor, Sarah leverages her training as a journalist at CNN to develop sources and seek information about a locale.  Sarah loves to fill an itinerary with active adventures, incorporating the great outdoors into even a city destination.  She believes the human connections made along the way are the true souvenirs of travel.


Ruth Wood


Ruth Wood’s love of travel is infectious. Her tales of global travel with her 18 family members make you want to round up your brood for adventures in Africa, The Galapagos, and Japan. She specializes in women’s groups and multi-generational trips.  She has lived and studied in Australia, Spain, Kenya, and most recently the UK.  As a global citizen, Ruth has an understanding of the importance of allowing travelers to have authentic experiences with local people.  Ruth has contacts in far-flung places who can add those special touches to an itinerary that makes even the most seasoned traveler say wow!  Ruth believes that the gift of travel is the best investment you can make in your family.  



Louise York

Travel Expert 

Louise Whitton York brings a combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and a passion for travel to The Charted Path.  A graduate of Middlebury College, Louise began her career as a stage and television actress in New York. While raising a family, she founded and ran Paper Trousseau, a curated collection of custom stationery and wedding invitations. During this time Louise worked closely with clients designing destination events while continuing to travel the world with her family. At The Charted Path, she blends her love of travel with her deep commitment to creating an authentic and exceptional customer experience. 

In 2019, Louise visited 14 countries, uncovering unique experiences that will elevate your luxury vacation to an exciting new level.  




Michele Epley Bond

Operations Manager

Michele is a nearly lifelong resident of Bronxville. She is a graduate of Smith College and also has a degree from Columbia University. Michele spent a number of years heading up the recruiting and hiring efforts of Manhattan law firms before focusing on raising her three children in the Village and volunteering for community organizations. She also worked for the Village of Bronxville for five years and then more recently for two local retailers. Michele’s interest in travel started in earnest when she was thirteen and joined her grandmother on a 49-day Scandinavian cruise and she has traveled extensively since then. She still has a bucket list of destinations that she hopes to visit. We are thrilled to have Michele on The Charted Path team.

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