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We take pride in helping our clients with all of their travel needs. Whether you're hoping to see the exotic game in Africa, take a scenic hike in The Dolomites, or step foot on the seventh continent, we've got your path charted.  The difference is that we know our clients personally.  We understand how you prefer to see the world and remember to include those desires into each itinerary.  We've probably been where you want to go...with a list of more than 50 countries visited between our team of adventure lovers. 


Imagine that place you’ve always wanted to go.  Who are you taking with you?  What time of year?  At the Charted Path, our advisors meet with you to brainstorm and discover all your wishes for a perfect adventure.  


Our advisors take that dream, and get to work turning it into a reality.  We leverage our vast network of contacts, and pore over files of destination research.  We will present a unique itinerary to you, and together we will chart your path to the perfect holiday. 


While you are enjoying the trip of a lifetime, we are busy monitoring your progress, and making sure that all the ingredients of a wonderful vacation are in place.  We are available whenever you might need assistance while traveling.  


Please send us photos along the way, and take notes so you can share your favorite spots with us when you return home.   We can’t wait to hear all about your adventure!


The Charted Path delivers exemplary service and support to our customers. We take great pride in the way we serve our clients, combining destination expertise with deep industry intelligence. Our firm has the technology tools, personal travel experience, and consumer insight to support our most discerning clients. Our goal of complete service and support is achieved by leveraging the following tools:

Exclusive Virtuoso Membership

Deep Market Knowledge

Mobile app with dynamic Itinerary

Global Industry Network

Remarkable Insider Access

Preferential Pricing

Waitlist Clearance

Strategic Accommodation Selection

Vetted Expert Guides

Negotiation Power

Risk Management

Curated Trips



The Charted Path is a luxury travel advisory firm specializing in custom itineraries for informed travelers. We leverage our deep contacts in the global travel world to create unique adventures for our discerning clients. We carefully craft unique itineraries based on first-hand experience. As a member of Virtuoso, the world's preeminent luxury travel network, The Charted Path maintains valuable industry relationships and privileged access to world wide resources. Our exclusive membership to Virtuoso, the by-invitation-only organization, entitles our clients to breakfast-inclusive rates, resort credits and complimentary upgrades at the best hotels in the world. As a client of The Charted Path, you can expect VIP treatment wherever you go.

Prior to development of new travel itineraries we require a non-refundable planning fee.


The Charted Path is an independent affiliate of Travel Experts,Inc, A Virtuoso Agency.   Virtuoso is the world’s most respected luxury travel network.  This exclusive affiliation to Virtuoso is by-invitation-only and entitles our clients to complimentary upgrades at top hotels around the globe, breakfast inclusive rates, and resort credits.  The Virtuoso connection elevates the travel experience of our clients so that every journey is a fantastic voyage.    


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